My Ikigaï

Above all, my wish is to start a sincere collaboration where we truly understand each other. I have a deep sense of appreciation for my profession.
Ikigaï is a Japanese concept that means « a reason for being ». It represents a philosophy that consists of finding meaning in life… a balance… a reason to get up in the morning and to be happy in welcoming each new day.
Literally speaking, “iki” means « life » and “gai”means « worthwhile ». It is a condition where you feel « completely aligned with yourself in all areas of life ». It is a life where you can say to yourself « I am where I need to be ». This is exactly what I feel on a daily basis in relationship to my work ; e.g. it is a source of inspiration and fulfillment each and every day. I train myself and keep on learning. I like exploring new concepts – mainly in areas of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
By the way, I carried out this work of understanding with Laurent Blanchard ; Certified Ikigaï Coach for the Suisse Romande region.