I promise you success !

By exploiting all facets of marketing, I will promote your brand to ensure growth.

I offer you some 20 years of solid marketing expertise. My professionalism, coupled with my endless curiosity and my inexhaustible energy to understand your needs, enables me to work with you – identifying areas of strengths and possible development, followed by establishing an agreed upon strategy with a powerful action plan ready for implementation.

My services

From analyzing the market to diagnosing your current situation. From an all-encompassing marketing and development strategy to its operational and digital implementation. For a few weeks or a few months, you make me responsible for your marketing function and I execute on your behalf according to plan, with the clear objective to achieve positive results. The decision is yours !


Applying a unique and proven 3-step methodology, I work with you to analyze, diagnose and develop your marketing strategy and to then establish a personalized action plan that matches your needs.


Working together, we established a powerful action plan that ensures strong, ongoing presence for you and your brand in the market place. You then delegate your marketing and digital communications to me and I ensure timely implementation.

Sacheen Sierro - Coaching & formation

Coaching and

Through tailor-made training that takes place online or in small groups at your place of work or in my office in Etoy, you can develop your own skills and learn how to apply the most effective marketing tools yourself.


Based on your input, I will write original texts, optimize editorial content and establish targeted publication schedules to ensure continuous visibility for you and your brand. This service also includes personalized SEO referencing, social network coordination and copywriting for blogs and newsletters.

About myself

For some 20 years already I’m dedicated to this fascinating profession with my body and soul.

After a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and HEC-certification from the University of Geneva, I started to work in an advertising agency ; Grey Advertising, in the position of Account Executive. Thereafter, wanting to further strengthen my marketing skills, I joined the l’Oréal Group where I became Marketing Director. This was followed by a move to SC Johnson where I worked at the European headquarters with the title of International Marketing & Innovation Director.
Today, as a talented consultant, I bring this vast experience and the knowhow of big brand marketing to Swiss entrepreneurs and SMEs, helping them develop and grow by distinguishing themselves in the marketplace. I support clients in all stages of their marketing approach, strengthening their brand, their offer, their positioning and their digital presence across the entire marketing-mix – thus guaranteeing effective marketing and assured sales growth.
Throughout my career I have been involved in the sharing of knowhow and the acquisition of skills. Consequently, training has always been fundamental to what I do. This has lead me to teach students at various business schools, notably SAWI, IPAC Design and HE-Arc where I hold the position of professor, principal lecturer, education advisor and expert for Bachelor and MBA exams.
On a personal level, I keep training myself on-goingly to further expand my areas of expertise, namely inbound marketing, web marketing, copywriting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sales funnel expansion and social media networking. This enables me to closely follow the evolution of algorithms that dictate our visibility today.
Marketing coaching

Often times it takes very little to understand and resolve an issue.

Book a coaching session where you tell me about your challenges so that – together – we can find the best possible solution. Coaching can be done in person, or by using Zoom, WhatsApp or the telephone.

Business Coaching

This is a personal meeting to unblock a critical situation, agree on the solution(s) and to put in place an action plan that leads to growth.

Work your offer

Establish your clear offering that follows a step-by-step evaluation of what’s available, the features and benefits thereof, and what it is that differentiates your offering from others ; e.g. what makes it unique. It is the first action that’s needed to ensure sales and growth.


Do you wish to further develop your own marketing skills so that you can move forward and achieve results without any help and support from the outside ? I will gladly present to you my approach to help you get to where you want to be… customized to your specific needs.


Ever since I started out in my profession – for the sake of confidentiality and discretion – I have chosen not to reveal the names of the people and the companies that requested me to help them. However, if you ask, I will gladly share with you my past experiences and / or current projects.

So far, my fields of knowhow and expertise include aesthetics, cosmetics, hairdressing, gastronomy, electronics, and music, as well as areas related to education, leisure and childcare.


Those who know me well are aware how much the writing of a good text thrills me.

My passion for writing – with (so far) 6 completed novels – is put to good use by regularly publishing articles in areas of marketing where I talk about my profession and my way of working.

Let’s talk ?

A fresh look through the eyes of an external expert is often the best solution to move forward.
It provides you with a healthy dose of (new) momentum.
Are you ready for an initial contact to identify ways we could work together ?
I look forward to your call to action.

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